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Happy Birthday, Thunderstar1123! May 26, 2012

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As some of you may–or may not–know, today just happens to be Thunderstar1123’s birthday! Query the username if you must. Just…please wish her happy birthday? Awesome person.


Here’s a collage I made for her:




(P.S. Sorry it’s a bit sloppy…Tried to make it “pretty” with photo editing…)



Starting Fresh June 19, 2011

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Hey guys.  I know, it’s  been forever since I’ve been on here.  And, I realize something.  I don’t want to write about random subjects.  I’ll write about my interests and do it the right way, as in going through a whole writing process before putting it on here.  So I’m starting fresh and new.  I hope you enjoy the new posts.




Degrassi: My Season 10 Predictions/Thoughts March 5, 2011

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This is also on my tumblr. Click here to see it.

Fitz- I don’t like the fact Clare forgave him (but we all knew it was coming, anyway!). Something seems fishy about the idea that he’s “found Jesus”. Yes, he tweeted about that, but is it all just an act? Also, in the Teen Nick promo, he says, “You and me, we have a spiritual connection!”. That makes me thinks he’s out to steal Clare from Eli or something…


Clare- I was a little mad at her last night. And the promos are really helpful right now. The part about her suffocating might be coming up this coming Friday. Actually, it WILL come up this Friday, according to the Much Music promo! And, in the Much Music promo, she says, “You’re cyber-stalking me?!” I think she’s saying it too Fitz. 1) She’s like 2 centimeters shorter than Eli, so it can’t be him. 2) Fitz is a lot taller than her, like the dude she’s talking to. 3) She’s at The Dot. Also where Fitz works now.


Eli- Okay, I’m really scared what’s gonna happen with him. So, maybe we were wrong that he was being over-protective because the anniversary of Julia’s death is coming up. He’s over-protective because of Fitz. I don’t blame him, it’s totally expected. Also, in the Teen Nick promo, he says this, “I just feel like you’re slipping away. Don’t leave me, okay? Please.” which connects to this line, “You made a promise, remember? That you’d never leave me.”. And I thought that promise  was from Umbrella. Gosh.


Fiona- I don’t support the Folly J thing. I ship Fadam for sure! I really think that they made the right choice in having When Love Takes Over the beginning of In Too Deep. I’m glad to know she’s getting help with the drinking problem and that Adam’s there for her. I just hope they’ll work out.


Adam- I really hope he gets Fiona eventually. They could have a long way to go if they just try. I’m hoping Adam/Clare does NOT happen.


Drew- Okay, I’ll admit it: I like Drianca now, okay?


Bianca- I’ll also admit this: She has changed ever since she started dating Drew. Yes, she convinced him to get high, but we’re seeing how much more of a person she’s becoming.


Sav- I feel bad for him. Yes, he betrayed his own sister, yes he has an awesome girlfriend, yes he needed a drummer. Sav is just a little pressured right now, I believe.


Alli- I’m interested to see where she’s going with the whole “Missing” thing. And she’s going to see Johnny, hence the part about Alli going to see a friend.


Johnny- I’ll also admit this: I liked him with Alli too.


Dave/Sadie- I really want some drama to happen with them. I really like them together, but they’re not getting a ton of attention. So some drama between them would be awesome.


K.C./Jenna- I really can’t wait to see how the baby-sitting goes and their child. Epic stuff.


Zane/Riley- I can’t wait until his mom accepts her own son the way he is. Zane’s lucky he has Riley, Riley’s lucky to have Zane.


That’s all.  And if you’ve read this entire post, remind me to tell you you’re awesome. 🙂




Degrassi: When Love Takes Over Predictions! February 9, 2011

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Ok, predictions first.

  1. There has GOT to be a play at Degrassi!  I mean, “Degrassi Drama” shirts, “You look beautiful” quote maybe BEFORE the curtain goes up, oh, and also, on eTalk, they showed a scene with FADAM TALKING ABOUT A PLAY! See this in the videos below.
  2. MAJOR FADAM DRAMA! As we can see from the pictures and the promo(s), Fadam WILL have their first kiss on Friday! But…with complications? Already?
  3. Dave/Sadie? LET’S HOPE SO!


Videos with EVEN MORE FADAM!


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DEGRASSI NOW CASTING FOR SEASON 11! Thanks to Daniel from for sending this scoop via email! In TheTvAddict's latest article, they reveal that Epitome Pictures is now casting for SEASON 11!!!  They're looking to bring four new characters into the fray next season. I remember back when people absolutely HATED the idea of new characters being added, and I'm sure there's a lot of people who still feel that way.  But, especially after Season 9 and 10's additions, I'm pre … Read More



Degrasi Promo Pics: When Love Takes Over (via )

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Degrasi Promo Pics: When Love Takes Over



Degrassi: In Too Deep Promos (via ) January 16, 2011

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Belongs to Kary’s Degrassi Blog.

Degrassi: In Too Deep Promos I knew this would happen. Like everyone else I spent all last night glued to the computer screen, waiting for a promo.  I could've stayed at home all day today, but decided to go out.  As soon as I stepped out the door I knew I'd come back to find promos galore.  Here we go: These promos are good, but great.  They don't give me chills or make … Read More